Holistic Skincare & Mind Body Wellness Services

Holistic Treatments

Carol L Fouad, founder of Core Healing Essentials, is a Licensed Cosmetologist that has dedicated hercareer to focusing on the holistic approach to Skincareand MindBody Clearing and Balancing. Carol’s evolving practice spans over three decades and continues to grow and change through spiritual guidance and experience.

Foot Reflex-Aromatherapy

Foot Reflex-Aromatherapy is an ancient relaxing and balancing technique used on the feet with the complement of essential oils (developed by Carol)and referred to as Vibrational Enhancement Formulas” aka VEFs.The perfect formula for you is chosen by your Inner Wisdom.

Foot Reflex-Aromatherapy

  • Your deserving feetare beautifully prepared for theexecution of anauthentic Foot Reflex-Aromatherapy session with a purifying and grounding soakin an Egyptian copper foot basin containing healing stones and crystals.Your feet are then softened with aHimalayan Foot Scrub. The appropriate Vibrational Enhancement Formula is chosen by your Inner Wisdom and first inhaled, then applied to your feet to ultimately bring you to a place of balance and peace$99 (60 mins)

Foot Reflex-Aromatherapy“On-The-Go”

  • Excellent for those busy days when taking a brief “time-out” is necessary to keep you going. This session ultimately bring you to a place of balance and peace.$55 (30 mins)

BEMER Technology

This German-designed, Swiss-made, FDA-approved device enhances the functioning of the body’s Circulatory System. BEMER is currently working with NASA to create the next generation of space suits in an effort to prevent muscular and osseous atrophy. Some of the greatest athletes across the world are being “BEMERed” on a regular basis in preparation for events and for full-body recovery. This technology is about to redefine our health care priorities


  • Enhanced Cellular Absorption of Nutrients •Increased Cellular Waste Disposal •Improved Physical Fitness &Endurance•Accelerated Recovery and IncreasedEnergy •Enhanced Concentration and Mental Acuity •Excellent for Stress-Reduction& Relaxation •Improved SleepFirst Session Free - Single sessions are $30 or a package of ten sessions is $250

Root Cause Release Technique (RCRT)℠

A method of Spiritually-inspired Body Work designed to explore and remove the “Root Cause” of energetic blockages that prevent one from living to their fullest potential.

Root Cause Release Technique (RCRT)℠ Sessions

  • Session includes Chakra Clearing/Balancing, connecting to your innate wisdom and tapping into trapped undigested emotions at their core and releasing them. VEFs,crystals and healing lasers are often used to assist in raising your vibrational frequency$100 (60 min) $150 (90 mins)

Chakra Clearing and Re-Energizing

  • Clears energetic debris from the seven main energy center of the body and re-energizes them. The goal of this session is to allow you to feel lighter, more emotionally balanced, grounded and more psychically in tune.$55 (30 mins)

The Kansa Wand has many benefits: copper, tin, and zinc are the healing metals of which the head of the wand is made. A massage with this healing tool (especially over essential oils) will ease tension; purify and recharge the cells; soothe; balance the doshas (constitution), and pull acidity from the tissues thus reducing inflammation that could lead to premature aging.

Facial Treatments

“Ambitious”Signature Facial

  • An advanced, holistic Facial Treatment designed to cleanse; thoroughly exfoliate; hydrate/firm; balance; and soothe or invigorate your skin –a true therapeutic Aromatherapyexperience. The Kansa Wandis used to enhance the facial massage. Special serums and masques are applied to customize each facial according to your needs. LED light therapyis provided to assist with product penetration; collagen production; or to control breakouts. Extractions are included as needed. (80 minutes)$135 (80 mins)

Cleansing Facial

  • This Facial includes a thorough cleansing, exfoliation,extractions (as needed),massage of face, neck, décolleté and shoulders, and the application of an appropriate masque, serum and protective creams.$99 (60 mins)

Refresher Facial

  • Serves as an “Intro” Facial or a quick “pick-me-up” in between your regular monthly Facials.$49 (30 mins)

Waxing Services offered upon request. Both soft and hard waxes are used.

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding Carol’s unique offerings.